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Why FBN Mortgage?

FBN mortgages Limited is a leading Primary Mortgage Bank ("PMB") with focus on delivering the best mortgage banking and products that typify the dominance of its parent–First Bank in the financial services industry.

As a dedicated provider of a wide range of mortgage and real estate financing solutions, FBN Mortgages Limited is in a unique position to critical steps toward seamless homeownership help customers make those and estate development.

Products & Services

Offering a wide range of financial service all over Nigeria

Mortgage Services

This service is designed for individuals who wish to build, renovate, refurbish or expand a house and will like to take advantage of a mortgage facility in order to ease the financial stress on their general income flow.

We offer the following mortgage services

  • Home Ownership Loan
  • Equity Release Mortage
  • NHF Loan
  • Mortgage Refinance
  • Co-operative Loan

Offering a wide range of financial service all over Nigeria

Real Estate Services

Take a look at our developed properties that were designed in anticipation of your needs. Our properties are an apt blend of functionality and beauty. Who says you can’t own a piece of paradise?

Our listings include:

  • Marion Court Elegushi
  • Gerrard Ikoyi

Offering a wide range of financial service all over Nigeria

Savings Product

This service enables parents/guardians to plan and save for their children’s future from ages 0-18 years, in the attainment of medium, long term goals. It also allows the customer contribute certain amount of fund over a period of time and subsequently qualify for a mortgage loan.

We offer the following mortgage services

  • Children Savings Account
  • Home Ownership Mortgage Account
  • Mortgage Flexi Saving Account
  • Mortgage Plan Saving Account

Offering a wide range of financial service all over Nigeria

Home Back Home Product

This service provides a special cheque account for Nigerian living abroad who desire to gradually save towards a property construction for either residential or commercial purposes. It is designed to ensure that Nigerians in diaspora enjoy a stress-free execution of projects at home. Also, assist the access to mortgage facilities for the purchase of residential and commercial properties in Nigeria.

We offer the following mortgage services

  • Property Acquisition Cheque Account
  • Property Acquisition Savings Account
  • HBH Mortgage Finance

Mortgage Calculator

Your monthly mortgage payment is calculated by adding the costs of the loan’s principal and interest, as well as any money held in escrow for taxes and insurance. How much will it be? Get an idea now and compare different loan terms.

Per Month, You Repay
assuming your interest rate stays the same


Total you'll repay over full term
(Includes mortgage debt, ₦ 10,000 + fees paid upfront ₦ 1,000 + total interest ₦ 1,587)


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